Callum is a brilliant intuitive coach and counsellor. He has worked with me to help identify issues as they’ve arisen and put me back on track. I recommend him so highly that I have sent a couple of friends to him for coaching. Thanks for all your help, Callum!

– Nicolas, Melbourne, 2020

My session with Callum was beautiful, insightful and totally nourishing. He got me into my body and in so doing discovered insights into issues that have been plaguing me for some time. I was prepared for shifts to occur afterwards. And WOW, did they come. In big and powerful ways. Callum provides a beautiful, safe, nurturing space. He has an awesome energy, a big heart, and you can tell he really cares and wants to help you receive the outcomes you really want. Can’t recommend Callum enough!

– Maree, Melbourne, 2020

‘I have had the pleasure of being supported by Cal in numerous sessions over the past 6 months. His ability to hold space and deep understanding of trauma responses, combined with his intuitive capabilities have facilitated exponential shifts in every aspect of my life. I cannot recommend Cal and his coaching services enough and have had no hesitation in recommending him to my friends and family’.

Rose Wilson, Perth, 2020

What I love about Callum and his services is that he brings me home to my heart. I was lucky enough to be helped by Cal during an incredibly rough emotional time where I was dealing with heights of emotion that I had never experience before in my life and after that session I was finally able to truly rest my nervous system. I was able to come home to myself and to realise that the best way that I could help the situation was to actually to just focus on myself. He really holds people with incredible presence, acknowledges where you are at, and offers solutions in a way that makes you feel comfortable, connected and inspired to reconnect yourself to your love and power. Eternally grateful for Callum and the way he holds and caters for people from all walks of life.

– Melissa, Sydney, 2020